My pride and glory…. “Blue Hexagons”

I had stitched more than 1600 small hexagons to make this – I LOVE IT!!! It was worth every stabbed finger and the RSI in my thumb.

People think I’m crazy doing hand piecing but I enjoy the process. It slows down my progress and gives me more time to enjoy the quilt as it evolves.

I had this one professionally quilted by Peppermint Patch Quilts (Tracey Petersen). She did an amazing job. Will post a photo of the finished quilt when I get the binding on.

Have started another one in pink half hexagons that I will probably quilt by hand. Having been scouring fabric shops and eBay for bits of pink, and accepting kind donations from friends.


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One response to “My pride and glory…. “Blue Hexagons”

  1. Was wondering about this quilt from your home page. It is gorgeous. I am tidying my scraps and have heaps of pink ones. What size do you need? I think you live in Australia also so it would be minimal postage. Please let me know. Happy pink sewing.

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