Here is the quilt I made for Mum. It has really come up beautifully.

She likes it.

  I like it too…
The fabric is Heather Bailey.


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3 responses to “Finished

  1. Hi know I love the quilt. Have you considered putting it in the Freshcut and Fabulous group at flickr…… is especially for Heather Bailey quilts and items made from her fabric.

    Missed your posts, have you been busy working?

    Glad to see your pink pinwheels post, gives me an idea of what sort of pinks
    you are using.I’ll sort through mine over the holidays.

    Great looking cake. Merry Christmas…… is lovely and cool in Sydney.

  2. Kate

    Hi Sharon. I love this quilt, it is much better use of the fabrics than I made. Can I ask did you use a pattern? I would like to do one similar for my mum in the more apricot/brown colourway of Freshcut.

  3. quiltsister

    I did use a pattern – “Sugar Kisses” from The Birdhouse.

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