Camelot – Block 1


 Here is the selection of fabrics for my BOM. I have to admit that I do not love them yet….

Maybe it will fall into place for me as I use them.

The process of piecing was simpler than I thought. I have done paper piecing (my blue hexagons and also another never-ending pink nightmare that I am working on) but this was my first attempt at this type of hand piecing.
Not too shabby if I say so myself.

 I will have to contact the shop and get them to send me another block.



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One response to “Camelot – Block 1

  1. Kate

    I like yours so much better than mine. I am inclined to contact Jenny and get her to send me Block 1 fabrics again.

    I did mine English paper piecing, I don’t know why when American piecing is so easy ~ and both are portable.

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