Camelot – Block 2 & 3

Look what arrived in the post.


These both look pretty tricky – I will post my progress.





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4 responses to “Camelot – Block 2 & 3

  1. now it’s starting to pull together!


  2. Kate

    Ooh, I’m still waiting for mine. They’re very pretty. I’m still not happy with what I did with my first block, but Jenny has tried her best to reassure me. LOL

    Good luck with them.

  3. I’ve lost your email addy (typical). I have stalled on my Camelot – how are you going? I now have Blocks 2, 3 and 4 and have to admit I have been a little disappointed with some of the fabric choices. I am a bit snowed under at the moment but will pull them out and get going on them. I’m sure the quilt will look terrific when done and all the blocks are together.. I like to hand piece, but because I need new glasses, I just haven’t been able to focus (literally) enough for handsewing lately.

  4. dragonlady

    I am watching waiting for your update on progression of bom – do you have anymore photos

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