It has been quite a long time…

Around the time I made my last post on here I found out that I was embarking on the biggest project of my life. This project now finds me 8 months pregnant!!

I have done a little sewing – some cot quilts (will post later), some bags and a few of the Camelot blocks.  I got the final instalment of this BOM just the other day, now I need to find the energy to finish them.

Here is what I have done so far:









Not much to show for 8 months away…. leaves me with 12 blocks to finish, borders and backgrounds. I should make it my mission to get as many of these done in the next 24 days (when I go in to have the baby). We will see, my mind has shrunk as my tummy has grown.

Be back soon.



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2 responses to “It has been quite a long time…

  1. dragonlady

    This will be so lovely – well worth the wait to see the finished product.
    As for your 9 mth vs a lifetime of enjoyment project – is it a boy or girl? and is all well?

  2. Such beautiful blocks! I think the first one is my favorite.

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