Cot quilts

Last time I blogged I mentioned my baby. In January I had a little girl who I named Paige Rosalie. These are a couple of the quilts that I have made for her (the first in a long line I imagine).


 The gorgeous quilting on this was done my friend Tracey who is a fellow Red Button.   As always a beautiful job of the quilting, she did not enjoy the chenille (too lumpy!).

This next quilt is my first go at applique, I really enjoyed it.


This final picture is of Paige at a few days old. 


I will continue to update this blog with the crafting that I have completed and give a preview of my works-in-progress.


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One response to “Cot quilts

  1. I hadn’t seen the applique project until now. It’s lovely.

    I see that pink continues to be a theme in your life!

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