Laura Gunn – Lantern Bloom

I’ve started cutting up the Amy Butler FQ’s and might start sewing them tomorrow. A sick kidlet has slowed me down, she just wants to be held – poor little love.

I will be going to my Wednesday morning sewing group tomorrow and have decided that I will start cutting up my Laura Gunn – Lantern Bloom fabrics. I love this range but have been struggling with what to do with them. Have decided to go kind of freeform – cut it into large-ish pieces and just see where it takes me. When I started seeing this fabric on various blogs I loved it and bought a full set of FQ’s plus a bit extra but when it arrived the colours were different to what I was expecting. To me it is a very “grown up” range – it looks like artwork – I hope I can do it justice.


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One response to “Laura Gunn – Lantern Bloom

  1. the colour look right in your photos.

    Go ahead and cut – it will be really exciting to just see where it takes you.

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