Grannying on….

I’ve made a start on my granny squares and this is the yarn to make them. I’m thinking a set of the blue/green and a set of the pink/purple, or maybe I should mix them up a bit as well? I will just keep going until I’v done a reasonable amount.

ETA:  Here is something delicious that arrived in the post today from Germany…. a little yarn porn:



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5 responses to “Grannying on….

  1. Love the set you’ve already made and the colors in that second photo are amazing (my favorites!)! Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

  2. The three variegated yarns are magnificent!

  3. Love this — I am a knitter and want to learn crochet — can’t seem to get the hang of i t– I love granny square connections. Have you ever been to the blog Attic 24 — her granny’s are bright colors like yours — beautiful

    • You should learn, I also knit but enjoy them both. Youtube is a fantastic resource for learning crochet (and anything else really), there are so many videos that you can watch and teach yourself.

      I do read Attic 24 – great blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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