52in52 – Shadow again…

I did get a couple more shadow photos today at the beach. So it is going to be a touch choice to see which one I submit this week.


The first is fairly symbolic of the tropical town that I live in:

The second photo shows my daughter celebrating Australia Day  – we went for a swing at a playground by the sea:

I have been taking these photos in the Automatic mode on my new DSLR – this week I will read the manual and have a go at using some manual settings. Wish me luck…



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2 responses to “52in52 – Shadow again…

  1. Hello
    I really love your 4 challenge photos… but think my favourite one is the little girl on the seesaw (even if the palm tree on the beach makes me dreaming about holidays!!!)
    I also find your granny squares very beautiful! i know seewing, knitting, stiching… but i always fail with crochet! don’t know why ;( your blanket is going to be cool!

  2. Love the beach shadow. I can only dream of that beautiful sight!

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