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Cyclone Yasi

We survived the cyclone quite well. My town was relatively lucky in that only property and trees were damaged. No lives were lost. Further North there is total devastation and I feel so sorry for so many who have lost so much.

We were with out power for 2 days and now have a clean up to do around the house. I have a large tree broken in half in my backyard.

This is the view from my front door:




Here are some more photos from the drive from my house to my mother’s:



This is a picture of my daughter and I outside my Mum’s place
As you can see a lot of trees damaged but fortunately most houses withstood the wind. Again, we are very lucky.

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Go away Cyclone Yasi

My home state is probably going to be hit by the biggest cyclone/hurricane/typhoon to ever hit Northern Australia. This is what the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting:

Hurricane Katrina was a Category 5 and Cyclone Yasi is predicted to be a 4/5 at this point. I live in Townsville which is in the middle of the expected crossing area. We are making preparations and hoping for the best.


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