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Flowers in the Snow…

That is the name of this lovely crochet pattern that I am using to make my daughter a throw for her ‘big girl’ bed.


It is going to take an awful lot of these:


I will be joining about 400 of them in white and I think it is going to look beautiful. The yarn I am using is 100% 8 ply cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mill.


This is the original pattern and it is completed using a join-as-you-go method. I am not sure if I will be using this as I like the look of a more solid, less lacy,




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Grannying on….

I’ve made a start on my granny squares and this is the yarn to make them. I’m thinking a set of the blue/green and a set of the pink/purple, or maybe I should mix them up a bit as well? I will just keep going until I’v done a reasonable amount.

ETA:  Here is something delicious that arrived in the post today from Germany…. a little yarn porn:


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Crochet a Rainbow – Sarah London

Sarah London is holding a charity crochet project to benefit the victims of the Queensland floods. She is getting people to crochet bright and cheerful granny squares that will be made into blankets.

There is info over at her blog about the details. The aim of the project us to “inject some sunshine and colour into the lives of those affected by the floods as they begin to re-build and start over.” As a fellow Queenslander I feel that this is a nice way for me to contribute.

I have a pile of bright yarns that will be just perfect for this project. So I am going to get my granny on and get hooking. I’ve made a start:

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